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Houston/Brazil Connection
from Dec 11 to 13
from USGS

Stretching points on the N American Plate include the SE United States, which drops below sea level, stress evident in Houston through the New Madrid fault, the borders of the stretch zone, and where the N American Plate abutts the great Eurasian Planet in the Kamchatka Peninsula. In the S American plate the stretch zone finds a weak point near Riachuelo, Brazil where the rivers empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

Dec 13 /HKT, Hockley, Texas, USADec 13 /WVT, Waverly, Tennessee, USA
Dec 12/HKT, Hockley, Texas, USADec 12/MA2, Magadan, Russia
Dec 11/HKT, Hockley, Texas, USADec 11/RCBR, Riachuelo, Brazil