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Southern Cross
on July 2

The Earth is probably in some sort of tilting mode. I use tilting instead of wobble so as not to confuse it with the Chandler wobble. We are presently in Australia and I have on a couple occassions over the past 2 months observed the Southern Cross compressed northwards, into the zodiac, so to speak. My estimate based on hand-spanning off the horizon was a good 5-10 degrees out of position. The South Celestial Pole appears to be unchanged in reference to terrestrial south. Then normal position of the Southern Cross would return. This suggests to me the Earth is tilting in a gentle rocking motion. History suggests that the Earth rolls over at regular long-term intervals in a somewhat benign manner. Are we approaching a Roll-Over now? Methinks Yea.

Five to Ten degrees is a good estimate on the variance that I believe we are experiencing. Those numbers correspond quite accurately with what I am seeing up here in Washington State. (near the 48/49th parallel) A roll over? Quite possible! After all, something sure did flash freeze those Mastodons up in Siberia, eh? The poor things still had fresh springtime daisies in their stomachs, if I recall correctly! I guess we had best all hang on tight, Jack! The ride may get a wee bit bumpy!