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Orion Puzzle Solved
on Aug 8

Your beautiful bright Venus this morning, at 4 AM AZ time rose very bright. And just to the right of it, was the constellation ORION, but the three stars in his belt, which many say mirror the pyramids at Giza... well the three stars of Orions belt were in a VERTICAL alignment this morning, and Orion was on his back! He must have thumped himself in the head with that rock in his sling? Very hard to realize it was Orion, til you tilt your head almost sideways... heck you could even see the nebula with the naked eye this morning, a fuzzy lighted area, in the lower portion of Orions sword sheath. Check it out! NO ONE can tell me all is right in the heavens, AINT NO WAY! CLiff, tell me I ain’t crazy! Its got to be Orion!
RumorMill, Sunday, 8 August 2004, 6:38 a.m.

Despite the excitement, Orion’s Belt would, per Skymap, have this appearance, with a vertical belt, for Arizona at 4:00 AM on August 8, 2004. So does Orion on the dawn horizon, appropriate for Arizona in August, mean the Earth did not halt in her orbit on Dec 25, 2003? Quite the opposite. Given a 45° tilt/lean toward the Sun and Planet X described by the Zetas, the observer should be the N Pole, not Arizona, for planetarium programs such as Skymap. This view, for Dec 25, 2003 at 4:00 AM, shows Orion on the horizon also, but in the West. Does that compute? Given the dirrection of Orion from both these Earth orbit positions, that computes exactly. For those in the northern hemisphere, Orion is normally lost in the Sun's glare in the Summer, appears in the early dawn in the Fall, moves to be visible during the night in Winter, and is seen in the evening in the Spring. In a halted orbit, with a 45° tilt/lean, Orion would not be overhead but would be a horizon constellation, and visible when the globe turned toward the Dawn position, the East.