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Sunset South
Seattle on Aug 9

Katkam has changed the camera , now is 1024X768 and the angle is a bit different The images are better and look the difference of the hight of the Sun in 1 day! The position is the same (the earth rotates at about the same speed) , but the axis is moving.

For precisely the same time of day, the Sun on the left for Aug 9 is LOWER on the horizon and much further SOUTH. This can be seen in the reflection on the water, the center Sun for Aug 8 superimposed on the photo for comparison purposes. A movement south at this rate would put the Sun at the S Pole within a month, not a normal rate. In the Earth wobble, this part of the globe is wobbling back into the Winter position, the N Pole moving away from the Sun. That the Earth wobble is increasing, rapidly, can be graphically seen here.