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NORTH in Alaska
on Oct 4, 2004

Look at the date and time!
From the source website for Black Rapids it's clear that the timetags are in Universal Time, rather than local time.

Black Rapids is the same latitude as Anchorage, and indeed the cam page states that 'Image Times in UTC. Current UTC Time: (ADT = UTC - 8) (AST = UTC - 9)'. Thus, these images captured on Oct 4 are equivalent to noon, ADT in Anchorage. Skymap expects the Sun to be SSE at Azi 150° and only Alt 20° at this time, thus visible or overhead from the SOUTH view. The NORTH view cam is pointing at a window that obviously reflects light from a South facing window, as can be seen by an image taken approximately 2 hours later at 2:14 PM Alaska time, where the reflection has moved to the East. The scope of the cams can be seen from this movement, which Skymap expects to move 42° from Azi 150° to Azi 192°.

Thus a Sun 30° from due South and 20° overhead would be directly in the South cam but is not!

This demonstrates a high arc far NORTH in Alaska. This is a tilt to the extreme NORTH, appropriate for the Earth wobble which places the Earth tilted so the Sun is North over the central Pacific, as was noted earlier for Scammon Bay on Sep 19.