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Sun Shadow
on Oct 14

This picture shows it the best although all EIT pics show some spherical shadow at the bottom just overlapping slightly.

Planet X and its dust cloud is more than lost in the glare of the Sun, as an object standing in a fog bank would be, it is more than an extra bright sun glare, as the light scattering through the dust cloud would produce a blaze of scattered light, it would also produce a shadow on the Sun if anywhere directly between the Earth and Sun. Sunlight would first hit the back of the Planet X corpus and its close hugging dust cloud, and be reflected in the main directly backwards, thus producing a dark place, a shadow, in the light proceeding toward the Earth. Sunlight not reflecting directly backward would likely bounce to the side, also not proceeding on toward the Earth or the SOHO satellite taking images. Sunlight striking the edges of the dust cloud might refract in such a way to turn toward the Earth, thus producing the light orbs captured by amateur astronomers in their photos. Here's as Planet X rises very close to the Ecliptic, the Sun's middle, and has become sun centered from the view from Earth, is the shadow!

EIT 195, shadow not present in 2003, but just recently appearing!

EIT 284, shadow not present in 2003, but just recently appearing!

EIT 171, shadow not present earlier in 2004, but just recently appearing!