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Polaris Offset

Oct 16, from GodlikeProduction Message Board
I too believe the Earth has begun to wobble on its axis. I have watched and ran many calculations on Polaris (North Star). It is no longer a pivotal point in the heavens. It sways and dips too far North in a Westerly direction. Returning in a wide Southern circular arch. I have noticed over the past several months that the relationship between the position of Ursa Major and the Pole Star had indeed changed. The position is not constant like it always was in the past. I am in the northern hemisphere and watch it on a nightly basis unless it is obscured by cloud cover.
Oct 27
Well the North star didn't move but we have. I have measured the north star alot over this past summer and fall here in North Central Washington state. For the most part the north star has been at 50 degrees plus or minus 1 degree. Well tonight Oct 27, I took a reading as I do every week, and it is at 40 degrees. I almost fell down.

Note per Skymap, Polaris from a location like Seattle should be seeing the Alt 48°, as expected by the viewer, not the 40° noted!