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Observations Match
on Nov 9

El Paso finds the Sun NORTH after it rises, as the over the Atlantic the N. Pole has been pulled toward the Sun and this lingers for sunrise over N. America. By sunset, this has adjusted as the N Pole away from the Sun.

In El Paso at 07:41 hrs Sunday, 11-07-04, the Sun was at Azi 141°, Alt 40°, now at 15:10 hrs, Azi 240°, Alt 30°, both reading are thru haze. Note for sunrise Skymap expects Azi 111° Alt 3°, so this is NORTH and rising EARLY.

It is Monday, 11-08-04, at 06:25 and it looks like the Sun is about to rise above a low layer of East clouds at Azi 110°. At 06:35 the full Sun was above the horizon. As the Sun was rising, I though I saw an object at Azi 115°, Alt 10° reflecting light like a moon would and also something above and about 5° S of Sun also reflecting light. Note this is EARLY as per Skymap not expected to rise until 7:30 MST.

Moscow, in the warm zone where the Sun is too far South, finds the temps follow.

Temperature in Moscow, as per the weatherman, is 10 degrees C above norm. It is well above zero now, and forecasts do not expect serious cold spells yet.

Wisconsin finds the Sun too far NORTH also, after it rises.

Wisco 11/6, sunrise Azi 110° Alt 10°. Skymap expects Azi 120° Alt 7°, so NORTH by 10°. By 8:51 Azi 130° Alt 40°. Skymap expects Azi 135° Alt 18°, so HIGH by 12° and NORTH by 5°.

Wisco 11/9, at 8:53 Azi 130° Alt 25°. Skymap expects Azi 135° Alt 18°, so HIGH by 7° and NORTH by 5° again.