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Objects on SWAN
Nov 2004

I think that SWAN shows Planet X. There are many white areas, but if a little group of dots is on in every new image and is moving, that is surely a cosmic object, planet, or comet. The other white areas are dust that emits xray when struck by the Sun's radiations. The dot that's moving can be Planet X, because in this moment there aren’t any planets or comets near the Sun.


An animation of the SWAN Comet Tracker Maps, available for the month from Oct 18 to Nov 25 from their Archives, shows bright objects, below the Ecliptic. This is a 360 surround view around the Sun, with the dark areas being the Sun from the front and back sides. These objects are separate from the body of the Sun, unlike occasional bright areas on the fringes of the dark areas representing the Sun itself.