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Feb, 2003

Here is the pictures of a comet in 2003.

Comets do pass through SWAN, as shown by C/2001 V1 passage in 2003. The moving object in November 2004 has been identified as C/2003 K4. However, a stationary bright orb remains unidentified.

In ecliptic coordinates, C/2003 K4 is approximately at -43º, 194º. as of todays date11/29. C/2003 K4 is at the lower center, moving away from the ecliptic. Also, C/2003 K4 has been visible on the SWAN images for well over 2 months now.

I would seem the bright orb moving down from the Ecliptic toward -43, 194 is K4. Fits exactly at least for the ending location which sure seems to fit the coordinates.

In ecliptic coordinates, C/2004 Q2 is at -50º, 68º, as of todays date 11/29. C/2004 Q2 is at thelower right, moving upwards toward the ecliptic.

I can also see another bright spot, smaller, moving at this location, but it was not one called to attention, the orb in the larger box.