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Dec 11, 2004

Ever since this website noted on Nov 25 that Planet X could be seen Backlit behind the Sun in infrared, the SWAN archives have stopped updating! They thought no one was looking! No photo doctors available? All busy on the more popular C2 and C3 images? SWAN states:

SWAN performs three 'full-sky' observations per week (usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). Images of the solar flux spatial distribution are displayed on-line 2 to 4 days after the observation.

Planet X, as a smoldering brown dwarf, is imaged in infrared, ultraviolet a close cousin in the red spectrum, and this is the SWAN speciality:

SWAN, short for Solar Wind Anisotropies, is used to map the whole sky in ultraviolet light. This kind of observation is impossible from Earth because the atmosphere completely filters the short-wavelength ultraviolet light. Strong ultraviolet emissions from active regions on the back of the Sun behave like beams from a lighthouse on the landscape. They move in the sky in accordance with the Sun's rotation, which takes about 28 days.

Infrared was the means for locating it in 1983. It showed up on infrared images of the sky in early 2002 moving in accordance with the Zeta coordinates. And here again, in the infrared images taken by SWAN, once again we saw Planet X just below the Ecliptic, just to the side of the Sun. Thus, SWAN must make its Swan Song!

If the Comet Tracker view can locate comets, dirty snowballs and their tails, it can surely locate a dust shrouded brown dwarf reflecting light back against the Sun. All being measured are elements emitted by a brown dwarf, the comets being tracked only visible in this view because of reflected sunlight. Thus, the dark side, the back view, is where these reflections are captured. Whether one takes the stationary orb to be visible in this view because of its own emissions or reflected sunlight, it is clear that something is there, not moving as the comet does, not moving as solar flares do. If you want your answer on whether it is Planet X or not, look to the sudden downtime of SWAN. Why would they stop offering the view, if there was not something to hide?

Note the SOHO is offering C2 and C3 images as of Dec 12. But SWAN, also a SOHO offering, is still completely down. The NOAA site also seem to have absent images on Dec 12 of the Sun's X-Ray Flux, Satellite Environment, and Electron Flux.

Posted on GodlikeProduction Message Board:

Just saw this [Dec 13] at

As near as I can determine, about 5 days ago (so about Dec 7 or 6th) there was an internet based report that got TPTB all whipped up with huge amounts of dis-info agents dumping on it all to hell and where-ever it surfaced. The report was to the effect that PX, while being occulted due to gravitational warping of visible light, could be seen clearly in IR spectrum. And on apparently any number of satellite feeds from SWAN to Russian to EUzone et al. Then the day the report came out, many many boards where it was being discussed were just flooded with disinfo posts to bury the whole thing. Some of these boards were getting 2 to 3 times the usual postings rates. Anyway, also at that time, down, apparently came all the public viewable IR sites. I cannot get 3 that I knew about to show any IR freq that is sun facing. So that part is true. All three had in the past provided sun facing IR. I am unsure about SWAN as I had not spent that much time on it. But will check it out.