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Venus Out of Place
Dec 11, 2004

This morning at 7:17 AM I got this picture of Venus and the Moon in a very beautiful sky. But analyzing the picture I verified Venus be to left of the Moon instead of to right. Impossible!. In this case Venus RA must be greater than the Moon RA. Ciao

Zetas stated that Venus had not done a transit, but was caught in front of the Sun in a cup of particle flow turbulence.

Though swept to continue in their orbits by the sweeping arms of the Sun, Venus and Earth and the Dark Twin are all caught in this cup, and cannot escape. Thus, Venus, not in a transit last June but only pushed past the midpoint, cannot escape, and remains so very bright and close in the morning sky. Thus, the Earth cannot escape forward in her orbit even should Planet X appear to be behind her in her orbit. They are all scooped, cupped, and held in place by particle flow crowding that will not ease until Planet X leaves the vicinity.
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