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Winds Increasing

Wind from the south, not in accordance with the prevailling westerlies, is increasingly being recorded. Sudden windstorms from the South have been recorded this past month in Europe on Nov 19, in California on Nov 22, in Japan on Dec 5, and in Nevada on Dec 8. Weather maps show the Figure 8 formed by the N Pole during the Polar Wobble pushs the globe under warm air for Europe and the Americas but under cold air for Asia, the Weather Wobble described by the Zetas.

Signs of the Times #1238
Storm Strikes in Heart of Europe [Nov 19] ‘Winds gusting at up to 180 kilometers (112 miles) an hour were recorded at Wendelstein in Bavaria. The massive storm also swept across Scandinavia on Thursday disrupting land, sea and air traffic.’ [and from another source] Southern California Storm Dumps Snow Even in Desert Regions [Nov 22] ‘The weather system, which developed in British Columbia and swept into California via Nevada, is called an "inside slider" for its rare approach into Southern California, from the northeast instead of the typical route through the Pacific Ocean.’ [Note: violent Earth Lurch causing jet stream to lurch.]
Signs of the Times #1250
About 100 miles/hour gusty wind blew in Tokyo [Dec 5] and suburbs of Tokyo, damaged buildings and affected all transportation. After this gusty wind, temperatures went up over 25C like a September climate. This is the highest temperature in December ever recorded. [and from another source] Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? Why would it not? The push of the Earth’s vulnerable N. Pole away will occur with more violence, the rebound back to align with the Sun’s dominant voice will occur with more violence, and the weather will follow! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Weather Wobble.]
Signs of the Times #1256
Six Moving Tractor-Trailers Blown off Area Roads [Dec 8] ‘A warm and powerful Pacific storm blasted into Northern Nevada on Wednesday with dangerous winds. The storm brought winds that at times reached hurricane force, with gusts of more than 140 mph recorded along the ridgelines of the Sierra. A building ridge of high pressure should push high temperatures in the Reno area to near 60, said Mark Deutschendorf, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Reno. The warming trend follows a frigid weather pattern that produced record-low, single-digit temperatures a little more than a week ago.’ [and from another source] Slovakia (Slovak Republic) experienced one of the most violent storms ever in mountainous area of High Tatras on November 19. The wind gusts over 220 km per hour, wiped the area of 330 thousand hectares (816 thousand acres) of the forest, which translates into 5 millions cubic meters of wood laying on the ground right now. Nobody seems to be worrying about what caused this. The wind arrived from the South. It would have to look differently, hould storm strikes arrive from the north. Southern parts were hit first too. For pictures and video check photo galleries at [Note: winds from the SOUTH, suddenly and violently, as the Earth lurches under her blanket of air during the Polar Lurch.]

In Cincinnati Dec 8 there were 60 mile an hour winds sweeping across most of northern Ohio, and they were coming out of the South with temperatures in the mid 60's!

Central Washington Dec 10 had one for the record books as Temps climbed up into the low 60's during the day and actually climbed a bit more after sunset and then held steady at that level all night long.

Signs of the Times #1269
Death toll in French storms hits four [Dec 17] ‘The death toll in a powerful killer storm with hurricane-force winds in northern France tonight has risen to four tonight. Three of the victims were crushed by falling trees – and forced officials to close the Eiffel Tower and the Paris parks. A pedestrian was decapitated by flying sheet metal. Winds of 80mph pounded the north, prompting authorities to raise the nation’s weather alert to orange – one below the highest of the four levels.’ [and from another source] Hungary Dec 17 has became an ice rink. We have a dominant, strong and icy storm, blowing from the South. Here, in Hungary, storm from the south is a very rare thing. Today, there were places in the country, where 2 inces of ice was on the roads, and still, ceaselessly it is pouring with ice, or sleety rain!
Signs of the Times #1273
Winds howl across northern, central Colorado [Dec 20] ‘Wind gusting to nearly 100 mph swept across Colorado on Monday, forcing skiers off the slopes, closing highways and peeling the roof of a high school gym while a basketball team practiced inside. Gusts reached 90 mph in Breckenridge and forced the ski resort to shut down a chair lift. The National Weather Service issued a high-wind warning along the heavily populated Front Range after 95 mph winds were reported in Superior. Gusts reached 98 mph at Carter Lake near Berthoud and ranged from 79 mph to 85 mph in Louisville, Boulder and Golden.’ [and from another source] There is an unbelievable number of windy days lately. Either straight out of the north or straight out of the south. That s not normal. Wind in Nebraska isn't really a big deal, except the wind is nowhere to be seen in any weather forecast. Seems like about every other day is very windy. Weird weather patterns too. Unusually warm followed by unusually cold then back again.