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Malaysia Tile
January 2005

Malaysia has the Figure 8 loop moving in a different direction than when the Sun was facing New Zealand, the lean the opposite, and this documentation confirms that! Sunrise is too far SOUTH, Sunset too far NORTH.

Jan 15 I did confirm that Sunrise is from SE. The direction Sunrise is from 43° of SE.
[Skymap expects Sunrise for Singapore Azi 111°] SOUTH by 22°
Jan 15 I did confirm that Sunset is at SW. The direction of Sunset is at 12° to SW.
[Skymap expects Azi 249] NORTH by 9°

An excellent technique was used to determine this, using a Sundial method, a physical marker.

I use a vertical stick as the Sundial which never lies and the shadow of both sunrise was charted this way. The drawing which includes the Sun was based on this but the drawing's sunset angle was an observation. I found it deviated very deep into the South as you can see. I also charted points taken from a Sundial compass for both Sunrise/Sunset. Also, from the Earth orbit drawing the N. pole is inclined towards the Sun when over Malaysia and its degree can be seen this.

Malaysia finds a trend NORTH, lean to the LEFT. On Jan 15 Sunset 9 SOUTH, on Jan 21 Sunset 5° SOUTH

Jan 21
Sunset at 6:40 PM.
[Skymap expects Azi 253° at 6:40 PM, vs Azi 248° captured], so 5° SOUTH