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Lean Left

The Zetas have predicted the Earth will fall on its side, to the left as those viewing the Sun in the northern hemisphere look toward it, as the Earth proceeds into the 3 days of darkness. The trends recently, in measurements that are the difference between where Skymap expects the Sun to be and the observations, is and increased measure NORTH:

Malaysia Sunset trend NORTH by 4 between Jan 15 and Jan 21.

Australia Sunset trend NORTH by 2-3 between Jan 25 and Feb 6. Conversely, Sunrise trend South by 2 between Jan 23 and Feb 6.

Wisconsin Sunrise trend NORTH by 2 between Jan 23 and Feb 4. Sunset trend NORTH by 4 between Jan 22 and Feb 4.

El Paso, TX morning trend NORTH by 2 between Jan 10 and Feb 2

With a lean to the left, the globe falling on its side, the constellations would be found, in the northern hemisphere, to the WEST of where expected and the Moon simultaneously in a similar out of place posture. From El Paso, TX.

This evening, Sunday, Feb 20 at 22:15 hrs MST, Orion's mid-belt mid star was WEST and LOW.

and from Washington State, Polaris NW of where expected.

I charted very heavy earth wobble tonight [Feb 18]. At 11 PM the scope that I have permanently sighted in on Polaris, held the North star dead center on the cross hairs. However by 3:30 AM this morning [Feb 19] the erstwhile rock solid star had wandered to the Northwest so far that it was nearly off the edge of the scope itself! I estimate that tonight, the star took at least a 2 degree hike, (relative to it's normal position) within the stated period of time. (4 hours)