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Sun too far North
Apr 12, 2007

As noted on a GLP Message Board thread.

The Sun came up to the left of my neighbor's roof.. Never seen that in 14 years, not even in June. What in the world is going on?

I just opened up Stellarium and walked outside with a compass. On the program, the sun is sitting right over the EAST mark. According to my compass, the sun is to the LEFT of EAST, a little towards the NORTH. It is noticeable!

Yup. I noticed on my drive in. And if its what I think then the drive home should be equally as interesting.

I may be wrong-but the house I designed, and hand built 26 years ago, depends on passive solar gain. I layed it out with true South for max sun exposure. The sun is coming in at new angles. These facts are hard to debunk! From my window the Sun rises to the right of our Cathedral. On Thursday morning it came up to the left. Yes I do have data, in fact it goes back to 1980 when I built this home.

In Germany the same, wrong places of Sun and Moon.

In the UK this morning the Sun did rise in the wrong place. To all those who say it is not possible, sorry you are wrong.

I am an educated person. I gratuated Summa Cum Laude from a top university in the US. As crazy as it sounds, I do think the sun has been rising in the wrong place since spring began. Maybe not far enough from normal to alarm the masses, but some have noticed. I've noticed because I'm up every single day at dawn to feed my horses. For years, season after season, they wait in the first rays of sunlight to warm their backs. These early am rays move predictably across the pasture as the seasons progress so I always know where the herd will be standing. Not lately. What the hell is up?

I just got done taking a lunch break. I read this thread and decided to take a ride out to a house I have empty and for sale. I lived there for 22 years. I wanted to get there because I could get a familiar bearing to see for myself what this entire hullabaloo is about. Well I stood out on my front porch and glanced up and you know what? The Sun is further north than I recall for mid April. My take is that it is where it should be at the end of May or beginning of June. This is very odd and really makes me wonder what the hell is going on because all the scientific debunking of this assertion has its merits.

Yes I went to look. It is far North to much for this time of year, by somewhat a noticable amount to me.

For giggles and laughs I actually measured the altitude angle and compared it to the Navy's data for location and time of day. The angle at the time I measured should have been 68.3 degrees but was at 75 degrees. The Sun is aproximately 3 weeks ahead of where it should be. May 2nd is when the angle should be at 75 degrees where I am at. This is realy weird because we started daylight savings time three weeks earlier this year.

I am located in the southern part of India (meaning closer to the equator) and noting this abnormal difference in angle of the rising as well as setting Sun.

I am one of those sail boat navigators who uses the sextant to plot my position. Then I use GPS to check my calculations. I checked on the position of the Sun at this time. Per the reference texts, guess what. The Sun is out of position by a large amount. The Sun is not in its proper place.

Every morning, either summer or winter, the sun shines on the front of my house. I notice this because I face the house when I'm backing out of the driveway. The Sun isn't shining on the front of the house in the morning, just a shadow cast on it now!

I know what I see and here in Canada we have a lot to see since a couple of year. The Sun used to come right in my eastern window at that time of the year. I know it because my pets use to laydown in the floor to get some sun right after the equinox of spring and now it is not yet in the window but a litle bit more north east.

Usually I go right by this kind of thread but 6:47 pm on Apr 13, 2007 the Sun on the East Coast USA is setting N of West about where it is in June/July (and still 1 hr to go till actual sunset) but that is the track it is on.

I religously go out on my porch every sunrise as I have for the last 14 years, and never, never have I seen the Sun in this position. It is way too far North of what it should be. There should be no denial any further.

Aaaarg, I came too late to office today because my Solar Clock showed the wrong time. You are right!

For the first time in many, many days of clouds and bad weather, I too have noticed the sun too far North for April. Looking out my office window, it is above the neighbor's house that I normally see in June. My office window has the morning sun enter it daily and it is off.

I can also add that I live in the south of Europe and the Sun at midday is higher as usual for this time of year. Its like it would be end May. You cannot debunk my own observation.

The sun set in a red horizon this evening to the extreme north west. I have never seen it set that far North.