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Ecliptic Up Evidence : New Zealand
October 7-24, 2003

Ngauruhoe, NZ crater webcam shows the sun rising at 7:30 AM sooner and further south week to week from Oct 7, to Oct 14, to Oct 21, appropriately.

From Oct 21 to Oct 24, however, in less than a week, it took a dramatic step further south, and also rose later! Documenting both an Ecliptic plane rise and rotational slowing, simultaneously.

An hour later, at 8:30 AM at Ngauruhoe, the Sun is out of the photo except for shadows cast and vertical flares. Again, a jump south in a single day, from Oct 23 to Oct 24, can be seen, outside of the steady progress during a two week period earlier. Note that the leftmost vertical flares, over the zero on 8:30 AM on Oct 15, moved 4 spaces by Oct 23, an 8 day period. Between Oct 23 and Oct 24, it moved a full space, to cover the N in NZDT, a pace twice as fast.