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November Trends

Note that webcams displaying date/time stamps were in accordance with Skymap anticipated times for sunrise and sunset, but moving into November sunsets are LATE. This speaks to the slowing trend.

Nov 21 North Carolina Sun still evident in sand shadows but Sun SETS at 17:00 per Skymap and photo is time stamped 17:33. SET LATE
Nov 13 North Carolina Sun still up, but time stamped 17:19 SET LATE
Oct 19 South Carolina sunrise above the horizon at 7:53 AM and per Skymap, a match.


Nov 2 New Mexico sunset shows Sun still up at 5:19 PM, but per Skymap is setting at 5:00 PM SET LATE
Oct 20 New Mexico sunset just below the horizon at 6:26 PM DST and per Skymap, a match.


Oct 30 Ohio sunset shows Sun above horizon at 17:01, per Skymap a match.


Nov 13 Bluenose, BC shows the Sun not yet up at 7:30 AM, but per Skymap should be visible, RISE LATE
Nov 3 Bluenose, BC show Sun well up at 7:30 AM, and per Skymap a match.