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Moon North
Aug 7, 2004

The Moon was just recently, in late July, shockingly far to the South and now, just as suddenly, is shockingly far to the North! Where a 10° difference in one night, noted by both Indianapolis and in the Himalayas, is not normal, a progression of the Moon's orbit such that it rises for the SE to the NE during this time is expected. For Wisconsin, on Jul 27, Moonrise would be Azi 135°, on Aug 3, Moonrise would be Azi 105°, and on Aug 10, Moonrise would be Azi 65°, a spread of 70° over a two week period.

I have been watching the moon a lot. I live in Northern Colorado. The Moon rose [Aug 7] way SE now it is a little NE. I know about the normal changes as I have lived 49 years but something is up!

Last week the moon was over one mountian when it came up and now It is over another. The change is huge and I know what I am seeing.

Indianapolis checking in.
There seems to be about a 5-10 degree difference in the position of the moon from last night. Something is strange here. I am a scientist. I work at the observatory at IU/Indianapolis.

I saw the Moon the other night out my kitchen window that faces SE. Tonight [Aug 7] I can only see the Moon from my livingroom that faces NE. Something did change rather fast. Is the Moon moving or is Earth moving?

I just walked outside and can see the Moon from my front porch on the North side of my house. Last night [Aug 7], I had to go out to the back yard to see the Moon. Whoever is trying to disprove this is full of shit. I watch the moon almost every night as I am awake late. The Moon does not move this kind of major distance in a short time. I told my roomate go look at the moon. She went to look where we saw it last. She was more shocked than I. We had to move to the front door to be able to see it.

From my back porch here in
Arizona the moon follows the mountain range to the right. It appears to rise in back of the highest peak. To my absolute shock tonight (Friday Aug 6) rather then rising in its usual spot, from my vantage it instead rises directly in back of some tall trees across from my bedroom window. This differance is nearly 40% of the visable sky from my vantage. I cannot stress how blatant and unerving this is.

We have made our way north into the Himalayas since our last e-mail and are now temporarily [Aug 9] in beautiful Kashmir having exodused from the flatsands of the Rajasthani desert. We wished to add our voice from this side of the world regarding the position of the Moon about one week ago [Aug 2]. For three consecutive nights we watched the moon rise over a very specific mountain-top. We don't know much about celestial matters, but we witnessed the moon rise from the very far southeast the first night, just after full moon. The next night, to our amazement, it rose at least 10 degrees to the left, more east. The third night it rose another 10 degrees to the left, again more east.