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Moon Face Wobble
Sep 26, 2004
Surfing the Apocalypse Message Board

Note this type of rotation is not normal, as noted last July it should be 7° 7" maximum for the night, and this indicates the Earth tilting and wobbling.

I have it figured for a total rotation during a nightly transit of 95 degrees. That's a LOT of rotation! By the way, Venus seems as bright as ever, eh? I thought it was supposed to start dimming after July 14?

If the pictures are correct, and I have no reason to doubt them, then it went one way and then the other. That's not steady rotation like you are talking about. That's a wobble.

Scrutiny shows the moon has ´twisted´ on it´s axis.

Photos were taken at 2000, 2100 on the 24th September and the third at 0010 on 25th September. The moon appears to have rotated clockwise through 45 degrees between 2000 on 24th and 0010 on 25th.

It is the earth that is wobbling; that presents the impression of movement by the moon.