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Moon Face Wobble
Oct 30, 2004
Human Imagineer

This [left] is the moon as seen from South Louisian at 08:00 of 10-30-2004. Note Buzzard's Eye is now at 5:30 position, almost 6:00. Also noted that crater Tycho is located at 10:00 position well above the lunar equator as seen from earth. This [right] is the moon as seen from the earth at 22:47 of 10-30-04, just 12 hours, 47 minutes later. The reader should now note that the Buzzard's Eye is now located at nearly 12:00 and the creater Tycho is locatiec at the 4:30 postion, almost diametrically opposite where it was earlier, from the northwest quadrant to the southeast quadrant.

Hypothesis #1 The Moon is actually rotating on its contrapolar axis and this is what is being seen in this movement.

Hypothesis #2: The earth and the moon, locked in a tidal gravitational binary orbit, are both wobbling on their current north-south axis and this wobbling is currently occuring over a period of 12-24 hours. Apparently this wobbling is occuring during the earth's rotational period.