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Moon Pattern Chg
Feb 23, 2005
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Greetings, You Who Brave the Night!

This report is preliminary, but noteworthy. As of 3:30 this morning, it appears that yet another change is beginning to occur to the anomalous lunar patterns that first surfaced early last winter. These patterns, in one form or other, have been extant now for almost exactly one year. However, the most widely known and easily noticed of these forms, the apparent radical clockwise rotation of the post zenith lunar features, (As seen from Earth) did not, in fact, begin occurring until the full moon of July 3, 2004.

A quick review for those just joining us. Beginning with that full moon, back in July 3, 2004, the moon would each rise with its features in the historically correct positions. (as it always had) The features would remain stationary as the moon climbed up into the sky, but then upon reaching zenith, the features would appear to suddenly rotate in the space of several hours, approx. 90 degrees! We all remember the fuss that routine caused, I am sure. For an example of what I am describing, picture in your mind that the right eye of the man in the moon, (Mare Crisium) normally found near the 2 O'clock position, would suddenly begin to rotate at zenith and in the space of several hours would have appeared to have moved from it's normal 2 o'clock position to nearly the 5:30 position. The next night the pattern would repeat. Anyway, this went on for six months, occurring exactly the same way each cycle.

Then, suddenly, in early Dec. the pattern changed. The moon began rising "cocked" back substantially. In other words the right eye of the man in the moon was now rising into the sky at the 11:30 position. Then, as before, it would hold it's position steady until zenith when the same amount of degrees of rotation would occur. That would move the right eye of the man in the moon from the 11:30 position to about the 4 o'clock position. That "second" pattern has been in existence now since early Dec., or for a total of 3 lunar cycles. Until tonight, that is:

Now once again, (curiously enough, yet again, on a full moon) it looks as though a change is in the works. Tonight the moon rose with the right eye straight up at 12 O'clock. However, this time, by the time it reached zenith it had already rotated to the 2 O'clock Position. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time it has ever noticeably rotated prior to reaching zenith! It is now three and a half hours past zenith and the right eye has only moved to the 3 O'clock position. This is highly unusual and out of character with the past aberrations that have been exhibited over the last year.

Interestingly, the moon set 3 nights ago at a point the farthest north that I have ever seen it set for this time of year. (295 degrees north of West) Then, beginning two nights ago, it began to slowly move back south. It also appears to be at an extreme apogee (far from earth)
We shall shortly see what happens, and if this new pattern is fated to continue. If I were to take a wild guess at this point, it would be that the moon feature rotation is "precessing" in it's current orbit as seen from Earth. The appearance of new changes are occurring in shorter and shorter intervals as well. It will be interesting to see how long this new pattern sticks around. I suspect that something is knocking the living daylights out of our solar system.