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Moon Phase Aberations

October 28
Sparks Nevada [photo and Skymap comparison below] after sunset. [and from another email] Oct 28 the moon was up way early and low in the southwestern sky.
October 23
Interesting picture from Haleakala Observatory. It can't be the moon! [Note: this was taken at 4:35 AM, showing the scope turned to 252°, nearly west, and tilted overhead by 134° , thus about at a 46° angle in the eastern sky, facing 72° east. Per Skymap, a crescent Moon should be appearing at 95° and does appear in the Haleakala image toward the right, correctly. It also shows the Moon above the horizon by only about 15° at this time, so would be within the scope at this time. However, the Moon should be a crescent Moon, and is here almost full, reflecting light from Planet X.]
October 21
The moon looks like it will be a new one possibly tomorrow on Oct 22, and definitely by Oct 23, a few days ahead of the scheduled new moon on our calendar. Full moon was ahead by one day this month but it was hard to tell, but a new moon is not illuminated and thus it is easy to spot if the schedule is off.
October 20
The moon was late rising today by 20 minutes. It looks yellow right now. It is supposed to ne only 27.2 % but it is more like 40%. What the hell is going on here?
October 14
The moon was rising near 8:00-8:30 PM to the NE with the moon phase being 75 % full, rather then the 83% that is listed in many publications for this date. The moon is beginning to set to the NW at 11:30 AM. What this means is that the moon was visible in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere for better than 15 hours. 
September 30
Five photos from Montana, Glacier National Park. [Note: not a crescent moon, as expected, and reflecting something other than the Sun.]
September 29
I noticed that the moon is still (as if it was going to change) out of phase. The Naval observatory couldn't be accessed last night, it is conveniently down. So I went to the Farmers Almanac. It confirms that we are supposed to have no Moon. An old chart I copied confirms that we are 2 days ahead of phase. No surprise, also the Moon is setting very much in the extreme south/south west.
September 24
I for one am up all night long, and so have observed the moon nightly from the same location for over a year, and have watched the cycles since I was a kid. I have never seen the crescent at the bottom of the moon, ever! I have seen it slip a little, but nothing as major and obvious as these past few mornings. So take a look at the pics I took, this morning, and yesterday. The pics were taken at 5AM Tuesday Sep 23, and 6 AM Wednesday, just after moonrise in Colorado at 6500 ft elevation. [Note: the Moon on its back is normal at these times, per Skymap, an older PC application with data included so that doctored data cannot occur as might with online sites. Note the Skymap chart for Denver, CO at 5 AM and 6 AM.] The Moon is perfectly normal regarding that sign. This is what happens when people try to see the Moon for the very first time in the morning. It’s supposed to be on it’s back, not to the side. This has been happening for eons. Moon phases are shown on web sites to the side, this is because it’s convenient. It doesn’t mean that it will be that way when someone looks at it. Signed, Naji
September 22
I have checked the moon in the morning of Sept 21st and 22nd both times a 6:15AM in Buffalo NY the moon is a cresent on its back. [and from another source] In Wisconsin this was also the case, as in the Sep 18 photo.
September 20
I woke at about 4:45 this morning, September 20, and to my shock when I saw the moon I froze and my heart nearly stopped. I have been watching the moon regularly and last night was unable to stay awake to watch it rise. I realized in a moment that everyone who is able to view this moon aberration should be concerned. There are those looking for a sign so that they will know that something is up and it's serious. We have a very significant sign! We can ask our friends and family with all the seriousness and concern we can muster up, when they ever remember seeing the moon, in crescent phase, nearly lying on its back! This is not normal or natural. [and from another source] Haleakala Crater Live Camera, Sat Sep 20 03:15:48 HST 2003 [Note: this is the Moon, which should be a crescent, appearing almost full. Taken from an observatory associated with many NASA programs at the University of Hawaii.]
September 18
I live in Buffalo NY. Last night I was in the city and I noticed the moon is half full. The strange part it was half full on an angle upper left part of the moon to lower right. See this site for what I mean: [Moon at right from Nancy site is what is supposed to be seen.] This photo was taken 6:15 AM Sept 20th in Buffalo NY and clearly shows the moon strange behavior I mentioned. [Moon at left observed and photographed, with a Skymap for Buffalo, NY 6:15 AM. The Moon is incorrectly on its back at this time.]
September 17
The moon phases are ahead of time. I've noted this month so far that the full-moon was supposed to be on the 10th of Sep [actually, per old calendars, on the 12th] and it was really a full moon at least two days before that. Also with the last quarter moon it’s supposed to be on the last quarter on the 18th, and it was there at least two days before time.
September 7
I noticed a ticker tape news headline on CNN today. It basically said that the full moon will appear unnaturally 3 days early this month. But no elaboration was given. [and from another email] On sunday I noticed a three quarters moon rising to the SE at approxiamately 8:00 PM on Sept 7 here in Minnesota, I checked the calendar for September and there should not be a 3 quarters moon this time of the month or on this perticular date.
September 6
I see that there has been a fullmoon change, and some how no one is talking about this. I have been watching the moon go off the wall all mouth. I read the Calgary Sun paper, Mon.-Thu show the full moon on the 12 of Sept. Sat. paper shows the 10th, and at 'Harvest Moon Arrives Early This Year: The Full Moon of Wednesday, Sept. 10 also carries the title of the Harvest Moon for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. ... The Sun, Moon and planets roughly track [along the Ecliptic]. ... for Sept. 9, 10 and 11 ... The Moon will appear nearly fully on each of these nights‘
September 3
By reading your Moon Orbit Aberations in September 2, I must inform you that on September 3 at 8:35 PM in Chamonix, France I captured the Moon over Mont Blanc as you see and the day after with surprise it was not possible because it was not where it should be, confirmed after your article by Skymap program consulted. [Note: this moon is also too full for Sep 3, a bare half-moon point.]
August 25
In this photo from target="_top">Mt Wilson Observatory [date/time stamped Aug 25, 2003 05:04:49 AM], a full moon is rising just prior to sunrise on Aug 25. What is going on? I have gotten another report from a friend here in Baton Rouge that they noticed the moon both rising and setting to the East around 5:00 AM on Aug 25. That would confirm what we are seeing from this photo as well. [and from another] Mt. Wilson claims they are the over exposed images of moon. But that day moon is 5% crescent waning position from the SW. From and US Naval Observatory described as ‘Phase of the Moon on 25 August: waning crescent with 5% of the Moon´s visible disk illuminated’ [and from another] Any part of the lit moon requires a fairly standard daylight exposure of around 1/125 sec @ f111 (100ISO). Because it is lit by the Sun, just like we are in daylight.