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Extreme Orbit in December

For the past three nights in El Paso, Dec 8, 9, 10 [Dec 10] the Moon has risen 40 d E of magnetic N. I saw the two moon halos mentioned for December. The smaller was 3X the Moon diameter and the larger halo did indeed reach into Orion. [Note: per Skymap this is 15 degrees too far North.]

Last night's moon [Dec 11] came up at about 6:30 PM here on the Florida panhandle, but about 10 degrees too far North. It hesitated , or seemed to climb very, very slowly until about 9 PM. and then began to transition to a more southerly track.At 11:15 PM it was almost directly overhead with Mars as a close companion to its South. [Note: per skymap this is an early rise, not due until 8:00 PM, and overhead far too soon also!]