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Moon Orbit Aberations   

July 22
Asheville, NC: the last full moon here was 1 or 2 days out of phase - not to mention that the moon appear to be further away from the earth.
July 13
On Wednesday, July 9, I watched the Moon set almost due west with my daughter. It is 5 AM Sunday here and the Moon is setting on the western horizon only it is at least 20 Degrees south of where it set on Wednesday!
July 10
From my vantage point at 7,000 feet suddenly over two days the moon appears to have a setting further south and appears larger. My visual unscientific observations were made during the first quarter (waxing) of the moon up to and including July 10th. The moon has shifted its orbit to follow a more southern tack and appears noticiably closer in to earth. 
June 19
The moon has barely progressed from the same spot in three days (full moon is visible in mornings).
June 18
The moon, last night in addition to being 3 hrs late rising since the 15th, rose an additional 1-1/2 to 2 hours later last night. Also it was a 3/4 moon and was shaped more like a football (convex) as the southern (lower right 3/4 ) was mis-shapen in an un-semetrical way. It has appeared this way (mis-shapen) since the 17th, as well as projecting a red glow.