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Venus Bright & Out of Place
in March 2004

March 8
That Evening Star is enormous. Even if it is only Venus, it is very strange. Don´t know what is really going on , it´s not usual. My 5 year old even noticed and asked me what it was. It has been seeming to get bigger and brighter over the course of a couple of weeks. [Note: per the Zetas, Earth orbit halted on Dec 25 and Venus right behind it has also halted, by Feb 25, and the Earth pulled in toward the Sun. Thus, Venus closer and brighter.]
March 10
Strangely, Venus is suppose to not be more than 63% lit at this time (its disc), and yet, we all from the US to you in Australia, Europe, everywhere, globally, the worlds population are looking at it, and stating firmly "they have never seen it look so bright or big" ever. Never ever.
March 10
I live in SE Florida, and last night the sky was very clear, driving to the store looking West, we saw the most humungeous star/planet I have ever seen. We kept watching it thinking it was an airplane coming close or something, because we never noticed it before. Busy, clouds, or whatever, but because it was so clear last night and there was nothing else in the sky but that object, we couldn´t believe it. I asked my husband what it was, he said he thought it was Venus.
March 11
That big bright star is still high in the night sky when my star map says Venus should be set already. This is in Australia [Note: if Earth and Venus were in a dual halted orbit, Venus would be closer and brighter. A tilted/leaning Earth would likewise put Venus into view for a longer span.]