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Pre-Sweep Status
after Mar 26 Sweep, before Apr 6


An extremely HIGH arc of the Sun was noted, a 9:30 AM position by 7:30 AM due to the TILT.

Mar 30: Here in northwest Indiana on Tuesday morning I was out about 7:30 AM and noticed that the Sun was much to high in the sky for that time of the morning. If you consider that sunrise is around 6:00 AM and the Sun at 12:00 PM (noon) should be directly overhead, then the Sun should have been half-way up the morning sky at about 9:00 AM. Well on Tuesday I was out at 7:30 AM and I noticed that the Sun was more than half-way up the morning sky, where it would normally be at around 9:30 AM. Per Skymap, Alt of 19° is expected, not Alt 50°.


Sun too far North by about 4° just after sunrise but definitely too HIGH in the sky by an average of 12-13°. This was observed at sunset also, too far North by 4° going into sunset but definitely too HIGH in the sky by an average of 8-10°. Venus or the bright planet seen just after sundown was WNW, but should have been directly West, too far NORTH by about 22°. These are all indications of a TILT of the N Pole toward the Sun.

Apr 1: Sunrise at 6:50 was Azi 96° Alt 25°. Skymap Azi 100° Alt 12°. Sunrise at 8:05 was Azi 112° Alt 37°. Skymap Azi 110° Alt 25°. Sunset at 5:48 was Azi 268° Alt 18°. Skymap Azi 272° Alt 8°. Sunset at 6:06 Azi 270° Alt 11°. Skymap Azi 275° Alt 3°. At 7:00 Venus WNW Azi 292° Alt 35°. Skymap Azi 270° Alt 35°


A TILT so that the Sun is too far NORTH was noted in Australia. A difference of 9° in two weeks is expected, but 15° was noted.

Apr 1: I have noticed a shift in the suns position. For the past 3 months I take a smoke/coffee break at 2 PM and like to briefly bask in the Australian sun at that time,and we face West. However I have noticed that in the last 2 weeks [since Mar 17] the Sun has moved toward the North, about a third of a 45° arc. Instead of shining between buildings,within a few days it's axis has shifted to shining over the other building northward. Skymap expects for 3/17 at 2:00 PM Azi 218°, and for 4/01 at 2:00 PM Azi 227°

The Moon is actually too far WEST by 15° and high. Since the Moon is holding to the Sun’s Ecliptic, this indicates a TILT and LEAN.

Apr 1 : Moon at 9:20 PM. Azi 345° West Alt 40-45° . Skymap expects Azi 0 and Alt 33°. Next day Apr 2 at 9:20 PM Azi 5° North Alt 40-45°. Skymap should be Azi 15° Alt 36°.


Missouri found a move to the NORTH happened suddently, just after the Mar 26 Sweep.

Apr 2: A few days ago there was a drastic change in where the Sun rises and sets, which is much further North of where they were rising and setting only recently.


Virginia noted a TILT increase, placing Sun overhead more directly.

Apr 6: Not sure what this means, but the last two days the Sun's shadow has been straight up and down before it reached my baseline. I have reported the time it reached the vertical position. Heretofore the Sun's shadow has not reached vertical until the shadow rested against my baseline. Now, there is a space between my baseline and the vertical shadow that I estimate to be about one minute of the Sun's movement. Due to cloudy weather, I could not measure from 3/24 to 4/4, so the change occurred during that period. The March 26 sweep?