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Italy Transit
after Mar 26 Sweep


Here the HIGH arc of the Sun has been charted, with the HIGHEST point noted. It is not at high noon, not high noon at 1:26 (13:26) as expected. but 6 minute earlier! On this chart, time of day is pink. The Sun is being tracked from East (right) to West (left) with horizon locations in blue, with 90° dead East, 270° dead West, and 180° due South, and the green angle of the Sun.

Apr 2: Irrefutable evidence of trouble in Earth rotation. Sun positions during 6 hour around noon in Milan Italy. Noon, per USNO at 13:26. Skymap expects the Sun should be at Azi 180° at 13:26 DST, the highest point at Alt 50°, as going forward or backward in time brings no higher altitude.