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Post-Sweep Status
after Apr 6


Strong TILT increase, putting Sun to the left at sunrise.

Apr 9: This morning I noticed the sun is approx 20° to the left (looking at it) of where it normally is at the same time. I am in Nigeria. Something is definately amiss.


An increased TILT from last Wisco report on Apr 1 where Azi was NORTH by 2-5°, now 7-15°. Note sunrise is blocked by buildings, so the rising point cannot be viewed. The Ecliptic now seems to rise straight up at sunrise and drop straight down at sunset, not at all the angle expected.

Apr 8: Sunrise was high and north and a bit early. At 7:38 AM was Azi 85° and Alt 18°, 7° to the NORTH. Skymap expects Azi 92° and Alt 13. Sundown was high and well north. At 6:39 PM it was at Azi 270 and Alt 25°, 15° to the NORTH. Skymap expects Azi 255° and Alt 27°. But by setting time at was at Azi 275°. Skymap expects Azi 280°. Dropping almost straight down, not at an angle from the left as expected.


Missouri likewise noted a shift to the NORTH.

Apr 7: Too cloudy to tell the exact time, but I did notice that the Sun has moved several Sun widths to the North in just the last week.


Since the Moon is sticking with the Sun's Ecliptic, this indicates a strong TILT increase in the Earth.

Apr 7: Very surprised this morning at 5:30 AM to find the moon high in the sky and about 25-30 degrees (estimated) further South than it had been. What are we doing now?

New York

Someone else notice the Moon suddenly SOUTH, as the Northern Hemisphere TILT's into the Sun.

Apr 7: This morning, the moon seemed to be setting a whole lot further toward the south than it did yesterday morning, perhaps 30+° further south.