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Jupiter Misplaced
May 10, 2004

A Posting on Rumor Mill.

Date: Monday, 10 May 2004, 12:31 a.m.
In Response To: MOON ORBIT IS WRONG! RISES FLAT @ 120 DEGREES & 52 MN. (CliffMickelson)
Dear RMN Readers and Agents,
Cliff and I have been corresponding, and following this item of topic for some time. Folks, another point of oddity, that HAS been posted yet little attention given. The plantery ecliptic is off somewhat also! Cliff can attest to our emails. ONCE AGAIN the last few days, I made a concerted effort to see if Jupiter and Venus were STILL way high in the sky. YEP! The very bright "star" in the west after sunset IS Venus. Then as you rotate your body to the south, and slightly southeast, up high in the sky almost over head, you will see another bright "star". This is Jupiter, and not nearly as bright as Venus. Here is the catcher on this. According to every planetary mapper I can find on the internet Jupiter should NEVER be higher than aprox. 75 degrees, from the horizon, 90 degrees from horizon, equating to DIRECTLY overhead. Jupiter has been very regularly appearing at 85 degrees from the horizon. This is holding true to the ten to 15 degrees higher I have been observing for some time now.
Where my observation were made was very flat ground, desert floor terrain. You take a "fist", and set the heel of your fist on horizon, then with other hand, put a fist on top of original fist... EACH fist constitutes TEN DEGREES. As you alternately stack your fists, you should be pointing straight over your head after nine fists, or 90 degrees. It is fairly accurate, try it! Jupiter, sits at 85 degrees off the horizon, too high. The planetary ecliptic is ten to 15 degrees higher in the sky, than normal. As for the moon, well Cliff and I have been telling each other for quite a while something is cheesy there too! LOL In fact, I sent Cliff the link to the Naval Observatory, as they have traditionally been considered the EXPERTS, of all astronomical resources. And YES! according to the Naval Charts, the moon is terribly late!!!
I know this sounds quite fantastic folks, and being a skeptical feller, I chose to verify for myself the anomolies, and they DO exist. But what is the explanation for the odd numbers and observation we see? I am asking any fairly trained astronomers to respond by email to Cliff, or myself, or Esclarmonde, or BOB H with info to answering these questions! It is obvious something is up astronomically speaking, with 3 comets buzzing around out there too. With threads on astronomers heading to Antartica, to a new planet being found, a DIM RED one, to posts on something coming in next to Venus, the hightened number of fireball sightings world wide the last year, reports recently of impacts in Australia, etc. It seems the reports are abnormally high, and the chunks keep getting bigger over the last year. Instead of burning up and giving us all a sky show, some are actually making landfall now.
Please spend a few minutes and try these observations for yourself. If you AGREE that something is amiss, please write us, and let us know. And a few details on your sightings would really help the agents also. We keep looking for the reason for all the misinformation and silence on things in the heavens. These recent observations are, and should be rather disturbing to people. What I am referring to here is the authorities seem to be failing miserably in their duty to keep the citizens informed. If ENOUGH folks SEE these odd things too, and enough see them and start talking and writing folks, well, MAYBE we will get some answers? OK, dont hold yer breath, but still worth a try?