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June 7, 2004

SOHO Lasco C3 appears to have stopped. Last picture was June 6 at 18.42, normally you get a fresh image every 30 minutes. What are they up to? First time I have seen SOHO go down for this long. Especially disappointing since so many are tuning in to see the Venus transit approaching.

There is a daily period of about 8 hours where nothing is posted because everyone goes home. It´s not a 24/7 operation. If it stopped at 18.42 and its now 2.02 we should get resumed uploads in about an hour from now.

It is not common practice to have no updates all night long. Yes, sometimes there´s breaks, but we don´t get 8 hours of no updates every night. I can remember an extended outage just about a year ago, but that was announced in advance and due to some kind of unusual solar activity. As a casual SOHO observer, I cannot recall it being offline for this long in the recent past, and without any announcements from the SOHO group.

SOHO is down since 6.Jun.2004 18:54 UT until now these are 22 hours, we lost contact to the SOHO.