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Scorpius Upside Down
on June 25

Posted By: PRAVDASEEKER <Send E-Mail>
Date: Friday, 25 June 2004, 1:18 a.m.

Dear RMN Readers and Agents,

My good friend Cliff and I have been noticing this for a while but neither of us discussed it. I noticed it myself over a month ago. But with all the FLACK over the moon posts, I decided to wait a while, if EVER to post it, but dang it, to heck with the opposition, here goes folks. Cliff wrote to me asking any information that I had on the constellation Scorpio. NO impressions on his part, no implied anything on his part... just what I had been seeing myself. When he got my email, he replied saying it was EXACTLY what he has been seeing too! I am posting this observation, it requires NO campass headings, no nuclear powered sextants or ALL that is needed is YOUR OWN TWO EYES! I am also posting in spite of Cliffs strident demands for me to check it with a professional astronomer... lol. Of course folks, it isnt just Scorpio, but Scorpio is the constellation noticed and EASILY seen by folks. In fact it is all the stars. Right after dark, Scorpio is very easy to see in the southern sky. It is in a vertical, almost, position. With the "head" and "claws" arranged in a aproximatley 45 degree angle. Tail, downward and slightly curving to the right... As the evening progresses, Scorpio will lay down on right side by around midnight, and by the time it is ready to "set", it will almost totally INVERT itself, almost unrecognizeable, due to its being almost upside down!!! I KNOW everyone will say that's it! RMN has gone off the deep end!! BUT I CHALLENGE YOU ALL TO SEE FOR YOURSELF if you doubt ol Cliff and I!!

Don't get scared, or be afraid! I am NOT afraid, I am NOT fear mongering, ONLY telling you what we see from various places in this nation of ours! SOMETHING IS FISHY HERE FOLKS!!! Constellations do NOT do this, or at least they didn't use to do this. This GOES hand in hand with the moon observations, and my posts of a month or so ago about planetary ecliptic appearing out of place also. WHY? It is because the EARTH has changed its orientation somehow!! It is the ONLY explanation folks. GO ahead call me crazy, I DONT CARE!!! See for yourselves! We have had tons of posts on meteors, bolides, fireballs, etc. House sized chunks, CAR sized chunks... explosions off New Zealand, ALL verified by LOCAL news sources, but nothing national, or international. Our elected officials were CAUGHT lying their arses off with the Seattle bolide and explosion, saying that it was all BS! Internet news carried stories of it ALL being a HOAX! Then, the things big brother use AGAINST us, PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, that they were the ones lying!!! UMpteen security cameras, caught it, the fireball and explosion, on video!!!! LOL!!

Stories are being suppressed big time folks, removed from the internet, etc. It is my true belief that ALL of the posts concerning the cosmos are inter-related. Moon posts, ecliptic posts, now constellation post, are tied to EARTH CHANGES! The ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM IS IN TRANSITION!! I used to spend long nights, out camping with my buddy, with our backpacks, sleeping bags, 22 rifles; and several cans of BEENY We watched the stars for hours! I was a amatuer astronomer myself for several years.. had a great telescope.. 8" Newtonian, MEADE brand name. You could EVEN see some colors on Jupiter with it!!! All the reds were visible, in real time, no time exposure, just looking. The stars do move a little at night, in a circular pattern with Polaris, the North star as the seemable PIVOT POINT! But the constellations ARE NOT supposed to invert themselves almost, during a nights passing!!!

To those who say, OH YEAH RIGHT, GPS would not work if that was ongoing... I now remind folks that satellites CAN BE manuvered to a new orientation, and it ALL would work just fine again. I think I remember some posts about GPS not working a while back, some "outages"??? was this part of the reorganization of these space birds? Just letting you know, it CAN BE DONE FOLKS!