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Atlantic Cold Spot
on July 2
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For those of you interested in the potential for a dramatic slowdown in the Atlantic Conveyor and abrupt reversal of the Gulf Stream after the bullshit film The Day After Tomorrow, you may be interested in the sea surface temperature anomalies (SST) off the Eastern Seaboard. A huge pool of cold water is growing and is now extending across the Atlantic towards Ireland, the UK and Europe. Around Labrador, SSTs are up to 10C lower than average.

So far this summer, the UK has had crap weather. It is cold, colder than normal. Elsewhere, there has been a distinct lack of tropical storms, indicating colder than average SSTs. See this SST Latest.

Here´s the navy´s SST Anomaly plot which shows the growing cold anomaly stretching across the Atlantic. It is consistent with the Gulf Stream shifting southward. Stand by for an unexpectedly unsettled autumn followed by a particularly severe winter.

Copy those and paste and look at each one on it´s own. These go from 1994-2000. Compare the difference.