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Fabrizio's Report
Jan 3, 2004

Wish to make you acquainted with some observations I've made in the last days: they confirm what has been reported in Zetatalk. Yesterday, Jan. 3rd, I have measured the angles that the points of rising and setting of the Sun make with the N/S axis; the rising point is about 45° from the N/S axis, whilst the setting point is about 30°. Ergo, the N/S axis is no longer at the center of the cone formed by the Sun's arc during daylight. Today, I've observed that at midday, 12 o' clock, the Sun was not pointing to the south, but slightly to SE. It was only at 1:00 PM that the Sun was pointing exactly to the south. I believe this is the proof that Earth's axis has tilted.
Fabrizio in Rome, Italy

I was checking my skychart for Rome for Jan 3 and the information I see from that is: sun rises at 7:43 AM, 58.5° east of south. At 12:00 it shows the sun as being 3.5° east of south. It shows the sun setting at 4:45 PM at 58.5° west of south and at 1:00 PM it shows the sun at 11.5° west of south. Your observations seem to show the sun rising and setting at a significantly different position than what my skychart indicates. For the moon, the skychart shows it rising at 1:48 PM, at 63° east of north.
Steve Havas
The Sun is rising at 45° from South instead of 60° from South, too far north by 15°. It is setting at 30° from South instead of 60° from South, too far South by 30°. Overall too far South and tilted, indeed!