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Seattle noticed a wobble on Jan 18 and 19, as though the N Pole had moved over its former position and settled in Siberia, pulling Seattle first North and the N Pole passed over is former position and then dropping South again as it moved on toward Siberia.
Sunday evening, Jan 18. the Sunset as posted by USNO, was close to dead-on for the first time in five weeks or so, and temperatures dropped 20 degrees instantly, at that time. The following day, on Monday, Jan 19, Sunset was again late by about 25 minutes, and temps had stabilized.
Arkansas noted this change, from a late sunrise during the Iceland pole period to an early sunrise on Jan 22, compatible with the N Pole moving away from Arkansas to Siberia.
Today, Monday, January 22, the sun rise was at 7:13, early. It was already daylight at 6:l5 when I let the dogs out. I normally have to turn the light on for them. We live in central Arkansas. Is the earth wobbling on it's axis?
Wisconsin noted, on Jan 22, the Sun rising uncharacteristically in the East, at only 110 degree when Skymap shows it should be at 125 degrees. The Sun also seems too high in the sky, compared to days earlier. This would be compatible with a N Pole moving from Iceland round behind the Arctic toward Siberia.
Our Sunrise looked about 110 deg south but Skymap says 125 for this time of year.
Japan noted on Jan 23 a sudden and unusual temperature drop to -20F.
In Nara a snow day today, thick. Most temps were -20F.
Mississippi noted increased tilting in the late evening on Jan 27 when the Atlantic Rift is on the Dark side, a Planet X grip point.
Last night's sunset had lots of red streaks. and people in our part of the South had a fiery red cross in the sunset sky. More than one person that I have talked to saw this. Earth's tilt changed again last night. After the moon stopped at about the 1:00 o'clock position for an hour, it changed angles of descent to set 10 degrees or more further north than it has been setting.
Arizona noted their tilt to the south on Jan 28, the Sun thus appearing closer and given more light, the sunrise suddenly earlier.
Just an observation out here in Scottsdale, AZ. The sun is not as far South as it has been, the Moon is in a more normal placement, and the sunrise is a bit earlier by about 15 minutes or so. Have we righted ourself? What does it mean?
Edmonton, AL found the sunrise too for North on Feb 1, appropriate for a Siberia N Pole.
I just took a compass reading on the rising sun [Feb 1] here in Edmonton. Skymap says that the sun should be rising at 118 degrees. Well, the sunrise is on-time but when I read my compass it said 100 degrees, not 118 which is far too east from what its supposed to be.
NW Russia found the cold too deep and lingering on Feb 13.
By the way, there is extremely cold here in NW Russia last three days. Up to -17°C (almost 0°F).