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On Feb 4, Seattle noticed a sudden change.
The Sun appears very high tonight, and it appears that it will be setting very late.
On Feb 5, El Paso noted the Sun too far north too.
The USNODS shows sun Azimuth this AM (Thurs) should be 108.9 at sunrise and it was only 98 per my best effort at sighting.
On Feb 5, from being in the deep freeze in early January, when Iceland was the geographic N Pole, Europe now finds itself unseasonably warm!
What a day we're having here at Madrid! The Sun shining brightly, almost no clouds, and the temperature is about. 18/20 Cº [68° F] In February!
On Feb 5, the Weather Underground showed an odd deep freeze over Mongolia.
On Feb 5, HongKong noted sudden cold.
We have our first sunny day in weeks today. The weather is unseasonably cold and breaking records here. Current cold spell started on the 5th Feb.
On Feb 6 the tilt was noticeable in Australia.
Been out side watching the stars tonight. I live in the blue mountains west of Sydney, Australia, and the sky is so clear here. I noticed the Celestial South Pole is far too north. I have never seen it that high in the sky. I´m 53 years old, an Aboriginal fella and been told the dreaming of the Southern Cross as a young kid and have been telling the dreaming to others ever since. The Southern Cross and the pointer stars are to high (north).
On Feb 9, Ohio noted the Sun too far north too.
I got a good glimpse of the sunrise today. The sun has moved further North. No longer is it anywhere near our neighbors shed it's coming up in our backyard. Also sunrise is early.
On Feb 10, Florida noted the tilt.
Here on Feb 10 in S. Florida, I notice the current status. The Sun rises in the SSE and sets in the direct west. I checked this with both a mechanical and electronic compass, same thing.
On Feb 10, Kansas noted the Ecliptic had moved North due to the tilt.
Has anyone else commented on Venus moving North? Venus is visible for a while then goes behind houses southwest of me here in Kansas. Tonight, however, it is north of these houses setting due west and glaring at me through my window.
On Feb 10, Guyana noted a radical change in noon and sunset times from a week ago.
It is now very dfficult from my location here in Guyana to determine whether rotation is slower or faster, due to all the orbital changes taking place. As I mentioned previously, I recorded no change in the rate of slowing shortly after the December Sweeping Arm. Since early February the 'high noon' position has been reached earlier. Today, February 10, the sun reached high noon at 12:50PM, 10 minutes earlier than a week ago. However the sun is setting by about 10 minutes later! What is really happening? The sun is shifting back to the North.
On Feb 28, Wisconsin confirmed the continuing tilt appropriate for an upper Mongolia geological N Pole. Note the rising and setting points are tilted by 15°, too far south in the west. Note the high arc of the Sun in the afternoon is too high by 20° for a February position of the globe, and by 35° for a December position of the globe. Tilted, indeed.
The Sun is very high in the sky, causing February temps that have us comfortable outdoors without a jacket, unheard of in Wisconsin. After a cold winter, Spring seems to have come a month early. The Sun rose at 15° south of East, at 105°, rose to a high arc of 50° up at 2:30 in the SSW at 210°, presumably higher at noon, and set shortly after 5:00 PM in the SW at 240°, 30° south of West. Lopsided, as the degrees south should be balanced between rising and setting, and there is a 15° difference. Checking Skymap, the expected arc at 2:30 is 15° for a December position of the globe, and 30° for a Feb 28 position of the globe. Too high.