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Ecliptic Rise

Planet X approaches from the south, and the Pole Shift occurs because the S. Pole is pulled north with the N. Pole of Planet X during the passage. This stress is already evident in that many have noted that the Sun is too far south, rising too far to the south, for the time of year. Possible explanations for this are that the S. Pole has been pulled toward Planet X, creating a different tilt, but the constellations seem to be in their proper place. An alternate explanation is that the Earth's plane of the Ecliptic has changed, rising up, putting the Northern Hemisphere into a different slant, and placing the S. Pole more in line with the N. Pole of Planet X, an alignment Magnets Prefer.     

September 23
These photos were taken 13 days apart and show the sun setting more to the south here in SE Pennsylvania. When I stood in my original location I couldn't see the sun setting, I had to cross the street. [Note that Skymap indicates a 7 degree shift to the South from September 10 to 23. In a 13 day period, this shift seems more extreme than 7 degrees in the 360 degree sky.] Sunset: About 18 minutes late here in Missouri, but the sunset definitely moved in the past 4 days way to the South, Much further SW when it sets.