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Forged Usenet Postings

Such postings as:

From: Nancy Lieder <>
Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.skeptic,,alt.slack,alt.conspiracy
Organization: Cult Leader Of Idiots
User-Agent: MT-NewsWatcher/3.2 (PPC
Mac OS X)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:26:08
Message-ID: <3de58d4a$0$1447$2c3e98f8@news.>
X-Trace: DXC=WVM8ioj=a>?Gmf9eeQB=@6>Wd]eNKISH6DmnhMfAQD?6?bVI4<ST[\1eIoaflP1Rf4_jR@ZVj<Nb8SdR`Gh3?UZ:

Are clearly forgeries, as can be identified from the Subject and Organization. Some forgeries are trickier, but the heading of Usenet postings contains information that can identify a forgery from a legitimate posting under the hand of the ZetaTalk owner, Nancy Lieder. The ISP (, PC type (Mac), Time Zone (-500 is EST), for instance. Such abuse of can and should be reported ( by the legitimate owner being forged.

You are are cordially invited to the "Planet X Kool-Aid" party on May 15th.

As we look for Planet X to arrive and incarnate into hybrid bodies, refreshments and food will be available.

The refreshments will consist of a special recipie of Kool-Aid and a sooper secret ingredient which will knock you out. The Reverend Jim Jones swears by it.

The food will consist of pudding and apple sauce with another sooper secret ingredient which will help us incarnate into hybrid bodies by shedding our containers according to Marshall Applewhite.

There will also be games where you can win pills which will paint the world black after you take them and a dunk tank filled with gasoline where participants will be throwing flaming balls at a target. The dunk tank game was invented by the genius David Koresh.

All Zetas will attend and I hope you will join us.

Nancy Lieder