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Alberta Tilt North
June 20, 2004

Alberta is reporting a sudden tilt to the North, on the evening going into the June 20 sweep cycle, such that they were suddenly into the Midnight Sun zone.

Last week, here in Alberta, the Sun was rising noticeably early at around the NNE position at about 2:30 AM; it would arc all the way south and exit at about the WSW position at around 11:30 PM. Then, last night, June 21, it actually set earlier than before. On Saturday night, June 19, the Sun barely had set, again in the same positions as noted above, but was barely below the horizon with the sky still showing a rose sunset light across the whole northern horizon before coming up again a few degrees east of North. We are too far south to be truly the ´land of the midnight sun´, being on the same latitude roughly as Belfast, Hamburg, Vilnius, etc.