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Tilt North
June 22, 2004

A second tilt north, putting the Sun further NORTH and too HIGH for the time of day, was noted on June 22.

In Wisconsin on the morning of June 22, there was a sudden change to where the sunshining through the red colored glass on my East window wall lands on bedroom wall. Just the day before, the red circle was near the floor, but this morning it was 3 feet higher but at the same place on the wall. This indicates that the Azi is further NORTH, as the Sun was lower by far for that Azi.

In Wisconsin on the morning of June 22, in our North facing bedroom, the Sun was also noted for the first time coming through the window and shining on the West wall. In that it has to climb over a hill and trees to come into the window, it has well risen by this point, far NORTH.

It is 7:40 PM in Colorado, June 22, and the Sun is not setting, it is rather remaining horizontal at this moment, and is traveling across the mountain tops.

I´ve noticed the same in Michigan with the sun seeming to set more NORTH than usual.

In Wisconsin on June 23, at 6:00 AM, the Sun having risen high above the hills some 300 feet higher just blocks away, at least 20° above the horizon, the Sunlight is coming across the lawn at a 45° angle! Thus, the point of rising was more than 45° from due East! Skymap states it should be at Azi 65° and Alt 8°. Way NORTH and too HIGH.