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Moon North
June 20, 2004

For the Moon to be at Alt 30°, per Skymap, it would be at 8:30 PM in El Paso. Skymap indicates the correct Azi 285°. The Moon is a full 25° to far North! Days later the Moon has returned to its proper location.

On Saturday, June 19, when I came home from shopping in the evening, I saw the moon (just a sliver) here in El Paso in the early evening sky. It was Alt 30° and 310° Azi. That is pretty far North.

After evening rainstorms, June 24, the sky is clear here over El Paso at 23:30 hours Thursday. The moon is Azi 260° and the slant has increased to approx 60° placing Sun at Azi 320°. Earth tilt/lean has altered today. A change has occurred.