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Signs of the Times #1461
Researchers warn Southern Ontario may face earthquakes 'Scans of the bottom of Lake Ontario conducted during searches for downed aircraft revealed three previously undocumented features. Using that data and studies of their own, the research team identified the features as the result of tectonic activity due to a fault line. Earthquakes occurring in the Great Lakes region were thought to be in response to crustal rebound caused by the removal of ice from the last ice age. Additional work has revealed faulting in the south- eastern part of Lake Ontario. The scientists are coming to believe that Lake Ontario and possibly Lake Erie lie on an extension of the well-known St. Lawrence fault system. The growing realization that fault lines could occur in the middle of a continent has led to a new science called intra-plate tectonics. More work is needed before the team is completely satisfied that its theory is correct. And not all scientists subscribe to this. What they say is that the Great Lakes originated by ice scrapping. The features indicate that the Great Lakes region experienced a large earthquake at some time in the past. The trouble is we don´t know when the last large earthquake occurred in this area (the Great Lakes).' [and from another source] Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval, pp 202-203 'Careful investigation by W.A. Johnston of the Niagara River bed disclosed that the present channel was cut by the falls less than 4,000 years ago. And equally careful investigation of the Bear River delta by Hanson showed that the age of this delta was 3,600 years. The study by Claude Jones of the lakes of the Great Basin showed that these lakes, remnants of larger glacial lakes, have existed only about 3,500 years.' [Note: One could presume the last Great Lakes region quake to have been 3,600 years ago, the prior pole shift. Note signs of trauma in the Great Lakes, rip points as the Seaway opens.]