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Volcanic Eruptions
May 13, 2004

Hundreds Forced from Homes After Indonesian Volcano Erupts
May 15, 2004
Hundreds of people on an eastern Indonesian island have reportedly been forced from their homes by a volcanic eruption. Mount Sirung on Pantar Island in East Nusa Tenggara province began spewing smoke and dust about two days ago.
Volcano Erupts in Southern Japan
May 15, 2004
A volcano erupted in southern Japan on Saturday, shaking the nearby area with an explosion and spewing smoke high into the air, an official said. There were no reports of damage or injuries. The explosion of Mount Sakurajima registered as large on the Meteorological Agency´s scale for both the sound and the strength of the tremors it caused, an official at the local agency office in Kagoshima said.
Kilauea Volcano Banana Flow Widens near Ocean
May 14, 2004
The terminus of the Banana flow is 450-500 m from the ocean. In the past few days, the flow front stalled as the flow widened.
Volcano spews Flames, Smoke
May 16, 2004
Mount Awu, an active volcano on an island in the northernmost Indonesian province of North Sulawesi, has shown increased activity, spewing flames and smoke, a vulcanologist said Wednesday. The first signs of increasing vulcanic activities were reported on Sunday [May 16] evening, he said. Mount Awu last erupted in 1992 but caused no casualties while a major eruption in August 1966 killed 39 people and caused 11,000 people to flee the area surrounding the mountain.