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ZetaTalk: White Lie
written May 23, 2003

As can be seen from the actions of the US and Indonesian governments scant days ahead of and continuing after our announced date of May 15, 2003, they fully intend to harm hundred of millions of their citizens through martial law, declared such in Indonesia and called terrorism level Red by Homeland Security. What is martial law, if not ordering citizens to remain in their homes? What effect does this have on citizens about within cities where buildings will tumble and crush them, or along coast or in lowlands sure to be inundated by tidal waves? Death, injury with no rescue, and massive dieoff. Is this the intent of those in command in those governments, sworn to protect their citizens and collecting taxes to this end? There can be no doubt, and one has only to read the actions of these governments to ascertain this.

Why did we allow Nancy, who has labored though the mine field and put herself at risk with ZetaTalk, to be so humiliated as to announce to a broad audience live radio show very specific dates, which were promptly missed? At a time when Planet X is so close as to be competing with the Sun at noon, visible by the unaided eye, and well tracked to this point by many sunrise and sunset sightings and photos, in the manner and in the time frame we predicted, and at a time when earthquakes have increased to the point, as we predicted, to being noticeable, affecting population centers so they cannot be denied by underreporting in the quake databases, the bad dates stand as an exception. And what is the effect of this gambit, an acknowledged white lie on our part, on those in the US and Indonesian governments who would murder their citizens by the hundreds of millions?

And what is the effect on the common man, being denied even at this late date any honest information on what is about to devastate their lives?

Thus, an announced date, where it would be convenient, does not change the outcome of preparation for the common man, where it would greatly be used by those who would murder their citizens, or take advantage of others, and thus we decline to give any dates. Watching the earth changes, and the behavior of those in the corridors of power, will be the best clues.