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3,600 Relic

In the Jan 2004 issue of National Geographic there is an article headed Star Search on page 77 which states 'Relic thieves, a 3,600-year-old disk of the heavens, and an intrepid archaeologist add up to a real-life thriller.' This article I believe describes an attempt of a people 3,600 years ago to leave a map for those in the future of something they experienced. Having studied the Nibiru subject for 6 years, I think the disk sets out to describe the position of the setting sun both before and after the Passing, also the position of Nibiru in the sky relevant to well known celestial landmarks, ie the Pleaides. I believe the object was made of materials known to last an eternity, ie copper and gold so that it might last long enough for others to find it and to understand it's meaning.

The relic shows a Sun occulting intruder from Orion, a Solstice guide symbolized as a perfect quarter moon, and at this time a disturbed period where the orbit lifts and turns toward the Sun, reminiscent of the warning given by the Eastfield crop circle. Note that the quarter year, in this ancient relic, is counted as 10 of 40 notches, an edge count that also appeared in the Eastfield crop circle, unexplained until now.

This relic appears to show the Pleiades as the 7 Sisters at 4 o'clock, the Big Dipper at 8 o'clock, and Orion position as an intruder on the edge at 2 o'clock, as they would be placed at noon in Iraq, 3,600 years ago in late February. Significantly, this same alignment is present at 5:00 PM in Iraq for late February in 2004. Note that the Skymap diagrams below must be rotated for the constellations and stars to line up with the relic. The Pleiades are noted in green as M45, and the Big Dipper as stretched between Andromeda and Pegasus. Note that coincidentally the perfect quarter Moon, synbolizing a quarter turn of the orbit, appears in the Feb 25, 2004 Skymap.