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St Lawrence Seaway

Reuters, Aug 14, 2003
A New York State official said the Niagara Mohawk power grid overloaded on Thursday, causing a massive power outage, CNN reported, and New York Major Michael Bloomberg said it was likely a natural occurrence. A massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada on Thursday, leaving sections of New York , Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto without electricity, witnesses said. It was not immediately clear whether the Niagara Mohawk problem caused the wider outage.
AP, Aug 14, 2003
Canadian officials insisted a massive blackout Thursday across the Northeast and parts of Canada originated in the United States, though U.S. power workers denied that and American officials blamed Canada.

The Stretch Zone, on either side of the Atlantic Rift, has stretching during the Global Quakes shuddering the Earth frequently since late May, the stretch zone following compression in the Pacific in a pre-shift pattern. Derailing trains, gas line or factory explosions, sinkholes appearing, and destabilized building foundations, just the start. From recent ZetaTalk on May 30 on what to expect before rotation stoppage:

The Earth is poised to experience great quakes and stretching of rifts, so that discussions of the exact date of rotation stoppage or the shift will be replaced by frantic efforts to deal with one disaster after another. Dropping bridges and buildings, breaking dams, derailing trains, satellites and magnetic guides useless to planes and ships which will go awry, shuttering quakes along fault lines, erratic tides, suddenly spawned hurricanes and tornadoes, and rivers awash with debris overflowing their banks and creating crisis in lowlands where travel will be impossible for those trying to escape. The exact date of passage will be replaced, thus, by the immediacy of dealing with crisis, and those who would entrap and enslave mankind suddenly finding their plans ignored by those they expected would follow orders like drones.
ZetaTalk: Earth Changes

The massive power outage affecting areas on either side of the St. Lawrence Seaway Aug 14 were triggered by a problem at Niagara, reportedly. The ripping of the St Lawrence is one of the major land mass adjustments predicted during the shift. From vintage ZetaTalk on that Scripted Drama:

The stage having been set, then, the crust movement steps during the hour of the shift are as follows: ... During the tearing of the Atlantic, and the dragging north of the North American continent, an already existing tear in the St. Lawence Seaway tears further, essentially the weak link in this landmass held at so many points to the further side of the Atlantic. Canada moves north, while the rest of the Americas cling to the Atlantic Rift while it separates.
ZetaTalk: Scripted Drama

And from vintage ZetaTalk in the Safe Locations section:

Niagara Falls will split during the widening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, as will all natural and manmade barriers between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic. This will change the level of the lakes, and the drainage patterns, to some degree, depending upon the level of bordering land and the ocean tides. Salt water will be detected all the way up to Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, which will appear to be the fresh water lakes they are now. Niagara Falls appears dramatic only because the water way spills suddenly, rather than gradually, and being shattered and spread during the widening of the seaway, the falls will become merely rock walls along the new course of the waterway.
ZetaTalk: Niagara