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Dec 22 SunRISE in El Paso : 0 minutes LATE [0L]
This morning, Monday, 12-22-03, in El Paso, the Sunrise was on time using USNODS time.
Dec 22 NOON in Virginia : 12 minutes LATE [0L]
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 12:12PM on 12/22 in VA - 12 minutes LATE.
P.M. That seems about 15 minutes too long. Tonight seemed normal, but it's cloudy again, so who knows?
Dec 22 SunSET in El Paso : 29 minutes LATE [0L]
Sunset last night was approx 1705 hrs. Per Navy Sunset 5:06 PM, but 30 minutes delay due to mountains per prior reports.
Dec 22 SunSET in Kansas : 42 minutes LATE [2L]
Sunset December 22, 2003 It is 5:30 and still day light in the western sky. The clouds making this tricky to see. It is usually dark by now, even considering late sunsets of the recent 5:15. I do not know how late sunset is, however, sunset was reported to be at 5:02. That is 3 minutes later than just a few days ago and 14 minutes later than the 4:48 sunset time. Isn't this soltice? Again, shouldn't the days be shorter? This is very odd, it is 5:50 according to my clock right now.
Dec 22 SunSET in Greece : 45 minutes LATE
Santorini 12/22 Sunset at 5:09 PM Proof of rotation slowing down. 45 minutes late for the sun to set.