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Yellowstone Pileup

There is ‘No data available’ for weeks now on seismometers for the northwest. USGS stoped publishing the spector´s because they don´t want people to know that they are sitting on top of a boiling caldren.
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However, other sites noted in this thread revealed that Yellowstone has been highly active during the 12 hour Face to Dark time, for several days. Yellowstone Park, WY charts for Aug 27-29 show this clear pattern. Rotational Surging is caused by the Atlantic Rift being grabbed at the Dawn point, 6:00 UTC, and pulled forward rapidly to the Face point, 12:00 UTC where it is gripped and held, tugged back as it tries to escape at the Dusk point, 18:00 UTC. This activity would cause a pileup along the Continental Divide, shown on these Yellowstone charts.

In addition, yesterday [Aug 29] the Madison River seismograph was pretty tame compared to what it has been. This activity is apparent at Mammoth (YMV, YMC, YMV, YNR, and sometimes LKWY).