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PeopleTalk: The Long Year
posted May 18, 2004, an unedited letter from Washington State, and Nancy's reply

May 11, 2004

Hi, Nancy, I’ve thought about you many, many times since hearing you on Coast to Coast about a year ago and before. Part of my thoughts relate to the hullabaloo that happened regarding your appearances. I found it exasperating that you bore the brunt of so much derision and wrote in to let them know. My husband Jon wrote to request one of your Survival Booklets and you kindly wrote back, offering seeds. That touched me and I intended to write to thank you but made the mistake of saving your letter in a special place so it wouldn’t get lost. It didn’t, but it sure did drop out of sight in a place so special that I didn’t find it until a coupe days ago!

One thing I did while you were on Coast was to go to your website and save chunks of the vast amount of info you had on the ZetaTalk site. I was paranoid that someone would hack your site or take it down somehow before I had a chance to read everything. One of my reasons for wanting to write was to thank you for the incredible wealth of info you shared on the ZetaTalk site. Its the richest, most linked batch of info I’ve ever encountered and I really went nuts trying to follow all the trails but the journey has stood me in good stead this past year.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a speaker on Coast. Yes, I do still listen, its my best source of info in a remote area where its hard to impossible to get any kind of signal. We haven’t had TV in almost 6 years so Coast serves as my news/entertainment when signal is good. Since your last appearance its been amazing how other speaker have come on to offer their 2¢ worth and how many times I’ve noted ‘Nancy said that!’! I wrote in to say that those guys should check out your website for good info to answer all kinds of questions, what to expect, how it would work, aliens, how long, so much. I’ve often wondered about you and what’s become of you since the deadline passed. I remember you saying something about how you were in a no-win situation and something about how you had so much invested in the timeline that you didn’t know what you’d do if it didn’t happen the way you’d been advised. I could well imagine how I’d feel if I were in such a situation and have hope that you were okay, as well as wishing I could hear you describe what happened and what’s going on now. It made me smile in a sick way to hear some who really refuted you come back only to suggest that they now think there may indeed to a Planet X and it may indeed be headed our way.

The info you posted on ZetaTalk has been very helpful in perhaps a strange way. It provides such a comprehensive overview that sorting through the info really put me through a lot of emotional ups and downs. In the process I came to terms with a scenario that still seems to be approaching. Its been a roller coaster ride (but then so is Iraq and the weather and other high strangeness of daily life.) But the thorough coverage you provided has helped me stretch and do some serious thinking which has changed my life. I guess my reason for writing is simply to thank you for having the courage (guts) to speak your truth despite it all. For offering so much useful information. I hope you’re okay, that somehow you’re at peace with what did or didn’t happen, and that someday I’ll get a change to hear you talk about what has happened since.


Verda, I’m posting your letter, unedited, as an addendum to a recent ZetaTalk called The Long Wait, as it so eloquently describes what many have told me their journey has been this past year. Being the ZetaTalk messenger is something I’ve described as walking through a mine field, or being a pawn in a long running game of chess. The two times that Homeland Security went to level Orange were related to ZetaTalk, the first to cover the week of May 20-27, 2003 and the second when the Earth and Planet X were approaching each other on Dec 21, 2003 and no mention had been made in ZetaTalk about the possibility of the Earth halting in its orbit, which it did. Homeland Security showed, in both cases, that they were aware of the existence of Planet X and had no intention of informing the public.

Yes, I’ve been banned from Coast, not because of the delayed date but because ZetaTalk is too full of the truth and refuses to be a government mouthpiece or puppet. I’m sure this is a directive from the top, from Clear Channel. The ZetaTalk track record of accuracy in predictions is phenomenal, yet those with a poor track record are constantly on Coast as regulars. The ZetaTalk
Triangle appearing in a two Wisconsin crop circles on July 4, 2003 would warrant an appearance, alone, especially since they had the Wisconsin farmer who witnessed the circle being laid during a windstorm on Coast!

I too long for more changes to talk to the public, and suggest you try short wave, as many of my radio appearances are carried on short wave. For the news, including new ZetaTalk, this past year, check the hot links just under the ZetaTalk banner: Global Quakes, Orbits, Signs of the Times,
Media events, Sweeps, and New Zetatalk. The nonprofit arm of Troubled Times is also offereing the entire Troubled Times web site on a twinset CD for $4.10, a resource that will help in the last days when the Internet falters. Thanks for your perfect letter!