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ZetaTalk: UFOs on Film
written June 3, 2004

Could The Zetas comment on the Mexico UFO sightings in the infrared. Are they helping us to become aware that they are here?

In a rash of sightings, captured on film, UFOs have suddenly moved from ephemeral objects whose film capture is elusive to indisputable objects, regularly captured on film. No less than the Mexican Air Force came forward, having been given permission by their President, to proclaim a capture in infrared. A new phase seems to have begun. Indeed, we have stated that as the populace was ready for more solid proof, ready to accept this without panic and even embracing the notion, that proof would come. The rule always, always, during the Awakening, is not to engender fear and panic as this pushes the populace toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Thus, reading behind the current wave of UFO captures on film and video, one finds increasing eagerness for contact with visitors from other worlds. In step with this eagerness is a resignation by the establishment, preoccupied with Planet X in the vicinity and no way to escape to Mars or elsewhere during the coming cataclysms. Realizing they have been duped by their allies, aliens in the Service-to-Self, they are belatedly trying to make amends. Thus, the almost tepid response to news in the media about all the sightings and film captures. Deflated debunkers, no longer encouraged.

Signs of the Times #830
Mexico Air Force Video Creates UFO Stir [May 11] ‘The Mexican Air Force has released footage of what a UFO expert said were 11 invisible unidentified flying objects picked up by an infrared camera as they whizzed around a surveillance plane. The ministry confirmed to Reuters it had provided the video, filmed by the Air Force on March 5 over the eastern coastal state of Campeche. The film, recorded by a plane looking for drugs trafficking near the Gulf of Mexico, shows 11 objects as blobs of light that hover in formation or dart about, sometimes disappearing into cloud. Interviewed by Mausson on another section of the video, the pilots said they grew nervous when the objects, still invisible, turned back during a chase and surrounded the plane.’
[Note: see also Sign #813, the Iran UFO blitz on Apr 28, apparently a worldwide blitz occuring at this time!]
Signs of the Times #829
UFO in Scotland [May 12] ‘Several people reported seeing a huge silver object in the area as they drove past at around 8.45am last Wednesday. Silver in appearance and looked like the dishes you see on the side of television transmitters. Colleagues in Cumbernauld had seen a similar object around half an hour previously, and alerted their South Lanarkshire counterparts that it appeared to be heading in their direction. Lee Close, of the Anglo-Scottish UFO Research Agency, has been investigating last week's events in tandem with the local UFO club.’
[and from another]
Callers Report Strange Lights In Central Fla. Sky [May 13] ‘Several people in Central Florida said they spotted a series of mysterious lights in the sky Tuesday night.. One resident filmed the lights in Polk County, Fla. Officials at Avon Park Air Force Station in Polk County were conducting regular exercises in the area the same night the lights were spotted. The strange lights may have been flares from the operations but officials would not release details of the operation.’
[and from another]
UFOs Reported Over South Texas Skies: Man Captures UFOs On Video [May 15] ‘A Texas man claims he captured the images of an unidentified flying object on his camcorder. The man from Mission, Texas, doesn´t want to be identified but did say he was alerted to the object by his dogs in the middle of the night. The man said the dogs woke him up by barking and he saw the light when he went outside to investigate.’
[and from another]
Glowing UFO Photographed In Poland [May 12] ‘The photo [at right] was taken by J. Puszkarewicz over the city of Rzeszów, Poland May 4th or 5th. Enlargement with high contrast.’